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Enjoy Your Bump/Pregnancy Course

Enjoy Your Bump/Pregnancy Course – Living Life to the Full

This course can help mums and parents to get the most out of their pre-natal experiences. Participants learn ways to improve how they feel so that they enjoy their pregnancy and prepare for the changes to come. This course has 5 modules.

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Overcoming irritability and anger course

Overcoming irritability and anger – Living Life to the Full

Overcoming anger and irritability
Being angry and “letting it all out” can sometimes feel like it helps – but the reverse is usually true. Losing control backfires– for the person, and for those around them. Learn proven and effective steps to gain control over anger.

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Living life to the full in your menopause

Living life to the full in your menopause – Living Life to the Full

This online book and worksheets will help you understand more about the causes and impacts of the menopause on you. Discover what makes key symptoms such as hot flushes worse or better – and how you can respond differently in order to Live Life as fully as you can.

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The things you do that help and the things you do that don’t – Living Life to the Full

The things you do that help and the things you do that don’t – Living Life to the Full

Sometimes when facing stressful times we respond helpfully – in ways that improve how we/others feel. But sometimes we fall into patterns of responding in ways that make things worse. Discover your own response patterns – and plan actions that help.

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ACTivate Your Life

The “ACTivate Your Life” online video course shares practical ways to cope with thoughts and feelings causing distress and help live life with more confidence.

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ACTivate your Life Online Course for Deaf People

ACTivate Your Life, a D/deaf Wellbeing Online Course (BSL Video)

BSL version of the ACTivate your life.

“ACTivate Your Life” is designed for all adults across Wales aged 16+ who want to understand their thoughts and feelings and to learn practical skills that will enable them to act in ways that will make their life more fulfilling.

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ACTivate Your Life – In-person course in October 2022

The course can help you to take greater control of your actions so that day-to-day life becomes less distressing and more enjoyable. It has been developed for you by Dr Neil Frude and will help you find out what is really important to you and give you the skills to be able to live your life with more confidence and a greater sense of purpose.

No registration, just turn up | Free resources for participants | We do ALL the talking

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Cwrs Ymwybyddiaeth Ofalgar Y Present

Be Mindful

The only digital course of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. NHS-assessed and trusted for over a decade, this accessible web-based digital therapeutic course is proven effective by published clinical studies to significantly reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, and often delivers life-changing results for participants.

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The Present

Free 6 Week Mindfulness Course for residents of Monmouthshire, Caerphilly, Newport, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent.

The course offers a new style of introduction to mindfulness and well-being, encouraging a friendly, mindful awareness towards our experience in the midst of busy lives, weaving learning about mindfulness, wellbeing, and neuroscience. The programme supports exploration, discovery, and awareness of how things are for each person in their life.

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Active Monitoring – Mind

Active Monitoring is a free, six-week guided self-help programme to help you understand and feel more in control of your emotions. You are provided with all the tips and tools you need to understand yourself better, and are supported through the course with regular phone calls.

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Mental Health Helplines Support

Helplines and Support

Support services you can reach by phone, text message, email or websites to help keep you safe.

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Self-Help Wellbeing Resources

Self-help Resources

Professionally approved self-help resources to help you improve your mental wellbeing.

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Local Opportunities for Mental Wellbeing in your Community

Get Involved in your Community

Find opportunities in your local area to look after your wellbeing including events and activities.

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