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ACTivate Your Life

The course can help you to take greater control of your actions, so that day-to-day life becomes less distressing and more enjoyable.

The course has been developed for you by Dr Neil Frude and will help you find out what is really important to you and give you the skills to be able to live your life with more confidence and a greater sense of purpose.

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How to attend

Start the course by clicking on the ACT 1 video below. There are four videos each lasting around 40 minutes. You can pause at any time and come back to them if you need to take a break.

We recommend having a few days between each video so that you can practice the learning.

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Free resources and course information

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You Are Not Your Mind

Learn about how your Mind works – and how it often works against you. But by taking more control, you can stop your Mind spoiling things for you.


Facing Up To Life

We often make great efforts to avoid or change things that can’t be changed, and this can make things worse for us. It’s often better to use Acceptance.


Being Mindful

Mindfulness enables us to focus more on the present – and the benefits of this are extremely powerful. Learn how to practice the art of ‘just noticing’.

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Practice your skills with Audio Exercises

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Living Wisely, Living Well

What matters to you? What do you really care about?
Discover how acting in tune with your values can be the very best way for you to have a better life.

ACTivate Your Life Course devised by

Photo of an elderly man Dr Neil Frude
Dr Neil Frude

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Photo of an elderly man Dr Neil Frude
Dr Neil Frude

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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Explore more ways to look after your mental wellbeing

Self-Help Wellbeing Resources

Self-help Resources

Professionally approved self-help resources to help you improve your mental wellbeing.

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Mental Health Helplines Support

Helplines and Support

Support services you can reach by phone, text message, email or websites to help keep you safe.

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Local Opportunities for Mental Wellbeing in your Community

Get Involved in your Community

Find opportunities in your local area to look after your wellbeing including events and activities.

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