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Gwent Connect 5 Training Programme

Trainer leading a Gwent Connect 5 Training online

Do you work in the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, known as ‘Gwent’ (Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport or Torfaen) area?

Do you want to improve your mental wellbeing?

Do you want to feel more confident to have conversations about mental health and wellbeing and know where to signpost people for support?

If so, then Gwent Connect 5 is for you!

Below are links to help you find out more about the Gwent Connect 5 programme. Select an option to drop down to the relevant section of the page.

Worried about yourself or someone else?

If you are worried about yourself, a loved one, friend or colleague, it’s important to get help.

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What is Gwent Connect 5?

Gwent Connect 5 was launched in the ABUHB area in January 2021. It aims to improve the mental wellbeing of the population by helping participants to:

  • Better understand how to improve their own mental wellbeing and that of others
  • Increase their skills and confidence to have everyday conversations about mental wellbeing

Connect 5 is the first, and only, evidence based mental health promotion training programme available in the UK. ABUHB area is the only area in Wales delivering this training programme.

Gwent Connect 5 Course
Connect 5 Leaflet
Gwent Connect 5 Leaflet

See the live online leaflet.

Download now ↓

Who is the training for?

Free funded courses are available for all local health and social care staff. Other workforces can either access this training through their own organisation (if they have a Trainer) or through a local approved Trainer. Please be advised these places are limited.

ABUHB is encouraging all large organisations in our Health Board area to take up free Train the Trainer courses so that they can deliver Gwent Connect 5 in-house. All Train the Trainer places are fully funded by ABUHB and every local trainer receives free training materials, ongoing support and the membership of a local Trainers network.

Gwent Connect 5 is being funded by the WG Transformation programme for 2021/22.

What is the purpose of Gwent Connect 5?

Gwent Connect 5 provides training participants with knowledge and skills to improve their own mental wellbeing. It also increases their confidence to have every day conversations about mental health and wellbeing including suicide awareness.

Gwent Connect 5 training provides an evidence based collaborative prevention toolkit that promotes psychological knowledge, understanding, awareness and the development of skills. This encourages those trained to look after themselves and also support people they connect with to do the same.

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Modules of Training

There are three training modules each incremental in terms of skills. Participants do not need to attend all three modules but they must be attended in sequence.

Level 1, brief advice

Module 1
Brief Advice (Half Day)

An introduction to Gwent Connect 5 for anyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing and who has the opportunity to give brief well-being advice.

Level 2, brief interventions

Module 2
Brief Intervention (Half Day)

Builds on module 1 so that participants understand wellbeing needs and are able to offer one-off brief well-being interventions as part of their role.

Level 3, extended brief interventions

Module 3
Extended Brief Intervention (Half Day)

Furthers the knowledge and skills developed in modules 1 & 2 to motivate and support people, to make changes to improve their health and mental well-being.

By selecting the most appropriate level/s participants are provided with the confidence, knowledge and skills to use their everyday interactions with people to improve their mental wellbeing, at the right level for them.

How is Gwent Connect 5 delivered?

All 3 modules are currently delivered online. The preferred platform is Zoom, although some trainers can deliver via Microsoft Teams. When social distancing guidelines allow the course will also be offered face to face.

Who is delivering the training in Gwent?

In Gwent we are adopting a Cascade or Train the Trainer model to deliver Gwent Connect 5. Trainers are being sought from local organisations whose staff currently deliver, or are willing to deliver as part of their role, training to peers, colleagues and/or partners.

The Cascade Training course is free. Trainers will be required to join a local Gwent Connect 5 Trainers network and are given access to training resources, mental wellbeing resources, background reading and evaluation tools. Trainers will be required to support the evaluation of the programme.

See a list of local trainers below ↓

Training video
Training Connect 5

What does it cost?

The Gwent Connect 5 training programme is free and fully funded by the Welsh Government.


What is included?

All participants receive copies of Gwent Connect 5 training resources, information and where to access local resources and a certificate of attendance. By registering through the Gwent Connect 5 Event Management Tool you will be able to access these resources and follow your progress.

How do I book a place?

If you live or work in the following areas then click on the link to book your place:

If you work across Gwent, please select any of the above or contact us if your organisation wants a course delivered in-house.

What does it take to become a Gwent Connect 5 Trainer?

For more information see the Gwent Connect 5 Trainers Agreement. The agreement outlines what is expected of you as a Trainer as well as what support you can expect.

  • Experience in delivering training OR be willing to invest the time in developing training skills.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience in delivering online training OR be willing to invest the time in developing this skill.
  • An interest in mental health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Gwent Connect 5 Trainer then please contact [email protected]

We would really like to hear from you!

For more information see the Gwent Connect 5 Trainers Agreement:
Learner Contract
Training Agreement

See the terms and conditions for learning.

Download now ↓

Learner Contract
Training Agreement

See the terms and conditions for learning.

Download now ↓