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Coping with life

There are times in our lives which we find more difficult than others. It is important to seek help and advice when you are experiencing difficult situations.

Coping with life


There is help and support available if you are experiencing any of these from general mental health services but there are also services specific to supporting the Armed Forces Community. The Armed Forces Community includes all serving personnel, veterans and their families.

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Our goal is to provide you with approved information, advice, free resources and courses to help you look after your own mental health and wellbeing. Melo is a website and not a mental health service. We are therefore not able to provide individual advice or support.

If you do need advice or support for your mental health then contact one of the helplines listed on our website.

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Help and support for specific emotional states, feelings and mental health conditions.

Looking after yourself →

Helping you look after your physical and mental health and wellbeing day to day.

Coping with life →

Help looking after your mental wellbeing when you are experiencing difficult situations or times in your life.

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