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I’m feeling suicidal

What to do if you are feeling suicidal

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My life is in immediate danger

If you feel like you might attempt suicide, or may seriously harm yourself, it is important you seek urgent help:

  • Call 999 for an ambulance.
  • Go straight to A&E, if you can.
  • Or call your local crisis team, if you have their number.
  • It is essential that you talk to someone about how you are feeling and get to somewhere you feel safe.
  • Free support is available right now to keep you safe. Use helplines and textlines to get support.

If you can’t do this by yourself, ask someone to help you. Mental health crisis and emergencies are serious. You are not a burden, and you are not wasting anyone’s time.

If you or someone you know are in need of urgent help, it's an emergency.

If you are unable to keep yourself safe, it’s an emergency. Mental health emergencies are serious. You are not wasting anyone’s time.

Quick links to mental wellbeing support and resources

Self-Help Wellbeing Resources

Self-help Resources

Professionally approved self-help resources to help you improve your mental wellbeing.

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Local Opportunities for Mental Wellbeing in your Community

Mental Wellbeing Courses

In-depth courses to help you learn skills to manage and improve your mental wellbeing.

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Mental Health Helplines Support

Helplines and Support

Support services you can reach by phone, text message, email or websites to help keep you safe.

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