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PHPs & Support from your GP surgery

If you feel you need ongoing support to improve your mental health, then you may need professional support from the NHS. This is free and you will be able to access this help from within your GP surgery. Ask if there is a Psychological Health Practitioner based in your surgery. If not, then your GP can provide support.

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View the mental health and wellbeing services available at your GP.

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What is a Psychological Health Practitioner?

Psychological Health Practitioners (PHPs) are experienced mental health practitioners. They are a good first point of contact for people with mild- to moderate mental health problems. They understand a wide range of mental health conditions and the things that can help. They were introduced to many ABUHB GP surgeries in 2021. Some PHPs offer appointments in the GP surgery and some work remotely (by computer or telephone).

PHP appointments are up to 45 minutes long and aim to help people to make sense of their worries, and difficult or confusing experiences. A PHP will give you information about the problem and show you how to manage these experiences better. You can learn on your own, or with support from another service.

PHPs are not medically trained, and so cannot offer any advice about medication. They are also not able to offer diagnosis and counselling. They will help you think through what you need, what you need to do and help you make a plan. If you try something and it doesn’t work out, you can go and to talk to them again and make a new plan.

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