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Pregnancy and mental health

You may be searching for information as you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant.

At Melo we are aware that being pregnant is a big life event and can be an emotional time. If you are experiencing a low mood or feeling depressed then it is important to reach out for help. You can find more information and advice on our website.

However, we are currently developing more content specifically for pregnant people. Whilst this work is in development we would recommend that if you are worried about the way you are feeling:

  • Reach out and speak to a friend, family member of medical professional such as your midwife or GP.
  • Visit the Healthier Together website which contains a range of information and advice for pregnant people/new parents.
  • Or visit the NHS Wales 111 website which contains information and advice, including a pregnancy guide. Links can be found below.
Last updated: 28.07.2022

Self-help resources for those who are pregnant

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Websites Websites

Advice for Pregnant People/New Parents/Carers – Healthier Together

Carers, Parents, Pregnancy mind
Websites Websites

Having a baby if you’re LGBT+ – Find out about starting a family if you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or non-binary | NHS

Gender and Sexuality (LGBTIQ+), Pregnancy mind
Websites Websites

Pregnancy Guide – NHS 111 Wales

Pregnancy mind
Reading Reading

Postnatal Depression- NHS Self-help Guide

Depression, Low Mood, Pregnancy mind
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Helplines and support

See below for helplines relevant to pregnancy. To see our full list of helplines, visit our helplines page.

NHS 111 Wales Logo

NHS 111 Wales

The NHS 111 telephone service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can use it for urgent health advice on what services to access or how to manage an illness or condition and to access urgent primary care out of hours.

Visit NHS 111 Wales website ➝
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